it's 2 Years now ...

I can't believe it have been 2 years since u left , 2 me it seems like just yesterday , I wasn't there & when I came back , u were already Gone , the tears ....the look on your face , it was unbearable

the day u left my world & the world of many others , many things lost there meaning & things are just not the same , not anymore

The day u left , u cried & I cried as well , I cried the days & the great moments I missed the day u said your goodbyes , I started having that weird feeling , I felt hollow , so hollow & my life never felt the same

now ... 2day ... after 2 whole years , I finally understood the reason that made me sad , I finally understood that weird feeling the one I've been having for the past 2 years .

Empty .... yes Empty , Empty would B the best word 2 describe my condition , there's an empty part in my heart , my heart ..

my days & my life misses u Andre , I've just realized that though u've left the tennis world , Tennis will always B my getaway , with every forehand I'll remember yours as if I'm watching you .it's true we lost a great cahmp , but the best part in this is that u won your life back & ur kids got their Great Daddy By their Side :)
I just can't help it , I MISS U MAN

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