Don't want my Holiday 2 End

Don't want my Holiday 2 End , I love holidays , the Summer Holiday is my all time Fav , I'm such a lazy girl :P , hate school , love sleeping , typical Hope :)
I've wanted to design sth with Photoshop , But 4 some reason I can't , I just can't , it's almost like I lost my touch , the exact same way a player loses feel on the stroke , I wanna deSign sth so badly , I can't even mix the colours appropriately :(
I went 2 the Uni 2day with Daddy , Got the Student's Manual & then went 2 Mishref BookStore & got My Mag , Yay I Got it , Finally , I thought I would have 2 miss this issue but thank God I got it , I was hugging it the whole way back home :) *Thanks Daddy , Love Ya , U r the one who understands me*, held it like a little baby , I'm crazy about my tennis stuff whether its a racket or just a Mag :)
& yeah , that other day I was looking at H's new English Book (it a new Kuwaiti Edition) & Guess What ?? I found Federer , Gosh this man is every where on this planet , & further in the unit they have a whole lessen called my Favorite Sport "Tennis" , Man!!! I would have loved 2 study this lesson I would have rocked the class , done a presentation & helped the teacher , yeah & they had MaSha on "My Favorite Players " list along with V. Williams , hewitt & others
the flower on my pen , my pens might make me look like a pinkish kind of girls , but I'm the exact opposite :P , I don't even like the colour Pink
I'm always like
NO , it's TOO Girly , Too Pinkish

My Sweet Sweet Tennis Mag :*

FedEx seems 2 B everywhere around me !!!

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