:) Gergai3an Time

oh yeah it Gergai3an Time , I actually am a big fan of Gergai3an , love love love it :P

I'm Gonna take some snap shots of our Gergai3an 'n post 'em later on , so many stuff happened latelly I feel like writing sth about the presents I got :) Oh man , they made me really happy , I'm gonna write about 'em soon

tomorrow is gonna B my Bros 1st School day which is always boring & depressing , so it should B very messy around teh house 2morrow , in fact , as for me , I had 2 cry every year at this exact day cuz it doesn't feel good going back 2 school & being on the top doesn't make it any easier

thank God I'm not Gonna B going 2 School Any time SoOn :) , I'm a Med StuDent Now :P

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