hate turning into love

I really need to get some good Sleep , it feels like I haven't slept Since the end of The Open , I really miss My good night sleep , it's very much like once I lay my head on my pillow every sort of thoughts in the world start conquering my mind , one of the things I had on mind was about that thing that says if u hate someone 2 death u'll eventually love him , & I'm starting to feel that it's a little true , maybe bcuz u can't hate some one this bad 4 such a long time or sth .
I hated some one from the bottom of my heart 4 what ? 5 or 6 years now & now , I don't know if I hate him anymore , though I don't know him in person & he wasn't bad or mean 2 me or anything like that , I just hated him really hated him 4 who he was , but with time he's proved he's a good person with a good heart, he's actually a decent gentleman , the weird thing is that I knew that when 1st knew him & ChoSe 2 hate him , I really don't like liking him :P , it's weird , I wanna go back to hating him again , I really wanna hate him
Random snap shots :P

small bottels of perfume
when mum 1st bought them I thought the were some sort of gloss , I actually did put some on my lips & at this exact moment I realized it was perfume

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