Just Bored

I'm too lazy 2 download pics , I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of weeks & it's funny how Bored I can get & how boring my life becomes once there is no Tennis tourney 2 follow , I honestly can't imagine my life with out tennis , I would DIE :( , I'm a sport addict , thank God Davis Cup semifinals starts 2morrow or I would have gone crazy .
I used 2 B crazy about football *so called socCer :P* but now , I don''t know , I'm sick of cheering 4 our national team & losing all the time , I just can't take it any more , it's too much 4 me , I used 2 B hopeful but know I'm not , I'm being realistic it feels much better after a loss when u don't set much expectations on it , I miss my Special preparations 4 our National team matches , they were fun & crazy , I one wanted 2 dye my hair Blue , but mum didn't let me bye those temporary hair colours , she was like c'mon U must B crazy " Ma9a5teeha " , I was Crazy actually

too lazy 2 take more pics , ended up with just 1 Bad pic :(

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