Still No good Night Sleep , I'm suffering from lack of sleep , big black circles around my eyes & very irritated skin , my face looks really bad :( , so tired , Hope I'll look better by Eid , don't wanna scare little kids with my horrific look :P

, that other day I was going through one of the old issues of Vogue I still have & suddenly I saw Brooklyn , I looked at the nose & started starring at the pic & then I was like "it her ... it's Brooklyn" , it's funny how we come across PPl & stuff at times in the past without recognizing them & later on once we know them they become a Big Deal & we start watching out 4 there pics in Mags & etc .

I love Memories , can't get over them & love 2 keep a souvenir from every important event in my LiFe , I hate cleaning cuz it means I have to get rid of things & getting rid of things mean losing memories which I'm totally against , I think I'll eventually get a storage room 4 my memories & stuff , I have a lot of photos & tons of souvenirs , I even took a tissue box from my Graduation Party & kept the Invitation Card , I also kept every single "Congratiolation :)" card I got with the presents I got after my Graduation

By far the very Best '3raybah ever *love it*

Yeah ..... I'm not kidding , I took it :P

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