My FrienDs

Just thought I should write sth about My FrienDs , Here We Go :P


My very Very Good FrienD , Love her , SometimeS She Seems 2 B the Only 1 who unDerstandS Me , very supportive , Actually She's the 1 who gave me the nick name Hope , she seems 2 have the solution 2 every problem , she'll always listen & never Complain

in Short :
PeaCe = My PeaCe Of Mind :)

My 3aWaSha

she a funny , crazy , caring loyal friend , my very Best friend , she's always there , I can't imagine My life without here *thank God She didn't Go 2 UK*

in Short :

My 3aWaSha = My Best friend + My LiFe saver :P

Tom Tom

Probably the Sweetest Person I've ever met , she's so cute , so sweet so nice , loving caring , loves 2 help PPl , I think "Passionate Dreamer" suits her perfectly , she's a SweetHeart & She has the biggest Heart , the funny thing about her is that she always in the WRONG place at the WRONG time lol

in Short :

Tom Tom = SweetOo

lil 3wais
really don't know what 2 say about her , except that she's crazy funny & crazy again , yeah & she's very similar 2 me in many ways & things :)
in Short :

lil 3wais = LOL :)


I've known her 4 very little , But I now her best , she such a Unique person , with her u'll never B bored & no matter what u'll always B smiling & laughing , she such a clown .
she's spontaneous & so Natural , She's Really Special
in Short:

Z Z = A Big Smile on my Face =]

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