They LOST :(

My men lost or should I SAY my kid kido .. Both of them lost ... BUT , I have to admitt I'm very proud of them & very satisfied cuz they gave it a fight , they tried their best & it's o.k to lose , , both of them Andy & Rafa were so close 2 forcing a 5th set , but it didn't go their way , as Andy said B4 the good thing about tennis is that there's always a next week .
I actually did cry after Andy's Loss , but I guess thats Bcuz he's getting older & his chances of grabbing another GS title are not getting any better , Yet I'm happy cuz he's a fighter & he'll never lose HOPE
I'm gonna miss the Open , I've enjoyed every minute of it , hopefully will enjoy teh Finals 2 , wanna c Roger Lose this one :P

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