The 1st week of college was a little bit bad , didn't like it at all & I just keep getting lost , going to ColleGe is a new experience & definitely a sCary one :( , I hate staying there 4 so long , I'm just not used 2 it , I love my high School routine , a different time table everyday & different prof. 4 the same subject , just don't like it & I always have a headache once I'm home Back from there , & I don't feel like studying :( , I never thought I would ever say this but I have 2 admit that I miss high school , it was really fun , we had some really good days along with the bad ones 4 Sure , but the good ones were so very SpeCial :) yeah & I hate carrying a Purse with me & it's really not comfortable , it's always heavy , I miss my School bags , the were so comfy , I want my Old LiFe BaCk :(
I used to know how to knit , but not any more , some how I forgot how to start & now I have no clue how to start :S , i even looked 4 videos on line to help me remember but it's like sth new , sth I never tried B4 :(
Random Snap Shots
the drawing on this bag reminds me of BeSho , mayB it's BeCause of the Eye

ColleGe from outSide

Med. School
Miss Knitting

yeah , I miss U PeaCe
I miss U Tom Tom

Luv My Caps , the one with the American Flag is My all Time Fav

a new Jeans 4 ColleGe

awww , love el.7ab el.ma9rey

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