Daddy .. U mean the World 2 Me :D

Well , I will Never B able 2 describe how much I love my Daddy , he's my LiFe , he's my Past , my PreSent & my Future .
Sometimes he Seems 2 B the Only one who Understands me , he makes me feel that his presence is enough 4 me , with him on my side I don't need anyone else , he's Simply my very Everything .

I actually Believe that the Purpose of my life is to make him Proud . My Goal is to always make him Proud 'n Happy , I would do anything to Please him , I would give up on all of my Dreams to make him Happy .
Daddy is the one who makes me wanna B the Best of the Best , he is the one who makes me wanna B better everyday , he makes me wanna B NO.1, he is a source of Motivation , Once I'm tired or I don't feel like it I'll always think of him & say "I'll Do it 4 him"

I love u Dad , U r the Best father in the whole world

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