Eid Mubarak

Yeah it Eid Time :D , Eid MubaraK Everyone May your days be filled with HAPPINESS...
My face looks & feels much much Better , thanks to my very Good friend Nawari's Advice , it looks really better , nothing like a couple of days ago , so we went to Grandpa's house & we had a look of fun as usual , the opposite at night in my other Grandpa's house *Mum's Dad* , it was a little bit Fun , but it didn't feel like Eid & I didn't feel like Myself , not the Real Hope
I love it how they make it easy 4 me 2 B myself & nothing else in Grandpa's house *Dad's Dad lol* , everything feels so right out there *love 'em*
my right wrist hurts a lot , I couldn't sleep yesterday , it really hurts :(
Eid's accessories :P

Eid's Chocolate :P *Yum Yum*

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