Me , Me & Me :P

Well , Well ,well , there's only 1 day left of the holiday & it's 2day :( , I really don't feel like saying goodbye 2 my dear beloved holiday , I want more :( , I love it & I really hate going to the Uni , School or whatever , I had a whole pack of weird Dreams Yesterday , I even had a Dream that Andy lost his semifinal match & when I woke up , H told me he's about 2 lose , when I turned the T.V on it was already done :(
So , I was thinking that other day , y not dedicate a whole post 4 Me & Only Me , I think it a good idea :D , so , I've been reading my "Things 2 Remember" Note BookS & I found out that so many PPl love & admire me & the way I look at things , it was really nice of those PPl to write such good stuff about me , some of them r complements & I know them , But some *I feel* R so TRUE , I'm not gonna say anything more about this cuz PicS can speak 4 themselves :D
a year ago , my Physics teacher was trying to convince me 2 wear Hijab , but she just couldn't , I'm not against the idea , but I think I need time 2 accept it & I believe I will take action & do it once I feel comfortable with the idea itself :)
My cousin's Wedding invitation Card 4 Years ago

I'm not a dolls kind of girls , but I've had those 4 so long , they r just laying there
My "Things 2 Remember" Note BookS

this was written by my Arabic teacher in high school , she really loved me & thought I was Special

luv this one

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