My 3rd Week

It have been 3 weeks since we started going 2 the Uni , My week wasn't really bad . Actually , it was fine , though on Sunday I felt like Exploding . it was a very Bad beginning of the week , had a Triple Headache , the 1st caused by the Crowded atmosphere , the 2nd cause By that Girl who was sitting right behind me in the English class & couldn't stop talking , not even 4 a second :( *I was so very really annoyed* , & the 3rd was caused By Prof. Craik .
Gosh !! Sunday was horrible , but thing started getting better & better throughout the week .
have been taking pic & Pics , took a lot of them this past week , it's fun to take PiCs . So , Y Don't u have a loOk at some of the Pics I took this week ? & I'll B updating soon , So stay Tuned :P
Snap ShotS :

Pinkya's Frappachino
Doesn't it make u PPl suffer from a Brain Freeze :P ? or is it just Me who feels like this ?

"Besho's Eye" Bag in the Sun :P

Earth Day Cake *or is it Greening Day , I dunno :S *
it's a really Funny Idea , I actually thought it was a Plant at the beginning :P

C ... told ya I've been talking lots of PiCs , I even took One Of the Laptop :P

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