My Sis's B-Day

it's my Sis's B-Day 2day
HaPpy B-Day Sis & May All ur WiSheS Come True
PS : ur Gonna have wrinkles B4 me lol
yeah & it's lil 3wais's Bro's B-Day too , when my Sis knew , she got furious , she was like "this day is mine & Only mine" *lol* she's sort of Crazy when it ComeS 2 her B-Day :p
this Pic Was taken By my Sis *she's not a good Photographer :P*

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david santos يقول...

I love your creations!
Excellent posting! Good food.
Have a nice weekend.

Ra-1 يقول...

أهم شي تعليق العم سانتوس p: LOL

My first time here, I really loved your blog and I think that we have alot in common :)