Random Thoughts

I'm getting used to the Uni by time . the Uni's election was held this past week & I didn't vote :P just didn't have the time , so many things 2 do & No enough time , gotta study but I don't feel like it , I'm gonna study eventually *if u wanna B a Dr. u've gotta study Hope* . I'm watching Madrid Masters & I'm not really having a lot of fun watching it , just not very into it , cuz I can't watch all of the matches due to the time difference *it's only 1 hour but I have to sleep early :P *.
I'm designing with Photoshop onCe again *Yay* it's true that it takes me longer to make one these days , but I'm so Happy & Glad I'm getting the touch BaCk & yeah just remembered
that I've got to got to Mishref Book store & Grab Oct. issue of Tennis Mag
& Yeah .. I made this Quiz 4 u guys , it's called " U think U know Hope :P ?"
Nwairah , got 50% .. Shame on u *just kidding* she actually answered most of the tricky Qs , good 4 u Nwairah

don't have much things to say , so I'm just gonna leave ya with some Random snap shots :P
I miss playing Baby-Foot *I'm not a very good player :P*

oh Yeah , this is how a Dr's Pen loOk Like :P

ChoColate , Don't u just love it ?
it does the job of Magic when u Feel Down

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