Should I Give Up on him ?

I'm sort of lost , dunno ... should I give up on him :(
No I can't , When u Choose 2 Cheer 4 someone u have to go with him all the way .... U can't just give up on him ... even though almost everybody think he's Done , U should never Give Up on Him , I believe he still has a lot 2 show & I've chose to stick on his side , cheer 4 him , support him & Believe in him for Ever , U never Gave Up on Someone , Y him ?
Remember the Old Days & U'll Never Give UP :)
Gotta keep reminding myself that giving up is not an option
Go Andy we're right Behind u
Oh Yeah , I'm talking about A tennis player , A one that I cheer 4 , U might find me Crazy but, Yeah Once again .. I love 2 B very committed 2 those whom R my Fav :P , that's just me :P
I'll Update Soon =]

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the.thinker يقول...

nice post :) and it's a wonderful blog

tgbly mroory el 2wal ^_^

tslm eedch