General Talk :P

I'm the sort of PPl who take a look at the front page of the newspaper , Read the HeadLineS & go on to read it from the back :P , the most important page as far as I'm concerned is the sport's page :P , so I was reading the newSpaper that other day & I thought y not take some Pics :p ?!!

it's really strange that some PPl do not read the newspaper on daily basis , it's really weird :s , I don't think I can live without reading it every day , the only time I missed reading it was during my final exams last year *thanawia 3ama :P* , I mean how can u live without reading it ? I feel LoSt without it :P

Goodbye Grant , U'll B MiSseD , U R One of a kind

Oh marat , u r not doing so well
Don't retire :P or I'll B out of Players very Soon

took this one 4 My Bro

went to the Uni's Library that other day , it's a nice library , tons & tons of Books , but unfortunately, almost all of them r medical :P

this one is not as GooD as it looks, BelieVe me

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