It's My B-Day :P

It's my B-Day 2Day ... I turned 18 , 2day was nice although I had a midterm exam , I had Fun with my friends , they've let me do everything including PinChing them whiCh was really fun :P *it's my day & I get 2 do whatever I wanna do*
'n Yeah , we got a little Cake & my friends bought some candles & it was just too big , I was like "4 God's sake .. it's Gonna CruSh the PoOr Tiny Cake" , we did so many Stupid things B4 we managed 2 break it up in half, light it up & stick it in the Cake.
U know what ... I never really liked B-Days cuz I hate getting Older , it's not fun at all , I wanna go BaCk in time to the time I was 12 , man I was so happy & didn't have anything 2 worry about whereas I feel like I'm carrying a lot of worries on my shoulders these Days :(
Lately, I've actually Started 2 Realize that I share my B-day with other PPl , some I DiSlike & others I don't really Know ... that's weird

Snap Shots :P

HaPpy HaPpy B-Day 2 Me :P

Thanks PinkiYa 4 the very PinkiSh Gift :P

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