It's November Already :D

Yay , it's November already , another B-Day is yet 2 come :P , Don't like B-day cuz I don't like Growing Up.

this past week was nice , the weather is so BeautiFul , I love it , it rained 3 or 4 times this week & I'm so fond of this cool Breeze that makes ur hair Wisps Fly around :P...don't u just love it
So Obama Won , good 4 him , the states is really Dream Land , Obama wouldn't have made his dream come true , if he was in another country . The states s the PlaCe Where u can build up ur LiFe , have a Future , Dare to Dream & always WiSh 4 more :)
I'm not gonna go on & talk about political Issues cuz I'd rather keep My point of view 4 myself .
ToDay I got the Oct. issue of Tennis Mag , late I know , But it's never too late :p , Gonna go get Nov. issue in the next couple of weeks if I get the time to . It's really funny how happy I get OnCe I get sth related 2 tennis starting from Shoe 2 a Mag , I think I really am A CraZy Tennis Fan , but I guess it's good 2 have sth to love & like that much , as to cheer u up & brighten ur LiFe , My LiFe would B So Empty & Boring without Tennis . Thank God U have Sth Called Tennis :P
Finally found the right earrings
Futuer's Dentist InShallah :D

I MiSs u Baba JaBer (RIP) , We all do :(
Allah Yr7Mah o Y'3aMeD Ro7ah el.Jannah

She's Fallin' :P

Got it

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