Grrrhhhhhhhhh , wrote a lot of blah blah blah & accidentally deleted it , I'm Probably Freaking out cuz I've got a Physics Midterm Exam 2morrow , Oh I'm so scared .. really wanna Do Really Really Good , wanna Ace this one , cuz I studied so So Hard :'( don't wanna screw up ... that would B horrible .
WiSh me LuCk *not that I need it :P* & Pray 4 me Plz
Don't think that I'm gonna B able 2 post anything any time soon cuz Next week is so very packed with exams , I hate exams Period ... exams SuCks ... they give me butterflies :(
I even have a Midterm Exam on my B-Day ... Poor Me :(
Well , at least it's an English Exam , anything other that that would have ruined my Day
offffffffff :'(

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