SiCk :S

Oh yeah , I'm SiCk 'n I hate it, it's the very LaSt Thing I NeeD :(, Thank God I have 2day Off or I would have died , I hate flu & coughing, I have a very sore throat & I'm soo tired :(
YesterDay was awful, I had ProCedure writing Assessment, Gosh I wanna break those chairs the have in the Uni, they r Just soo Far away from the table & U have to bend ur BaCk 2 reaCh the Table, I felt like my Back was going 2 break into 2 peieces Oh that was an awful feeling, I don't know how I reaches the Cafeteria, I was so tired & couldn't carry my stuff though the were very few & LiGht .After that My FreinDs who happen 2 B SiCk 2 , took GooD Care Of Me & I had 2 saty in the Uni till 4 p.m WhiCh was so BaD .
SiCk & Old Snap ShotS :(
So Very Makoo Sho'3l

Lots & lotS OF MeDiCation

Old PiC , Supporting Breast Cancer Campaign

Little tiny KUWAIT On My FrienD's Bag

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