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I really Love my life without exams , it's actually enjoyable :P , but I really I'm so very bored , cuz I have nothing 2 Do , I really miss the tour *Tennis* .
today was very tiring we had a chemistry workshop & we finished around 16:15 p.m , I was so bored I even started goin' crazy at some points *Fe9alt min el malal* I was like "Oh Dear God , Can't Stand this" , me & 1 of my FrienDs calculated the estimated time we're gonna Spend & told the Prof. who went like "Yeah right , that's Impossible"I had a break from 10 to 1 p.m , so Daddy took me to make a vision test & a blood test * 2 know my blood type , though I already DO* which was required for the driving liCence , & I'm gonna get it in the Spring Holiday :Pas 4 the Blood test they kind of took a few drops of blood from my finger it burned 4 a while *& I DIDN'T cry* & now there's this little blue BruiSe on my finger & it hurts a little *Can't Use it :P* , Yeah & when they told Daddy that my Blood type was B+ , I went like " told U so :P "
Can't wait 4 tomorrow it's Chocolate's Day in the Uni , oH I'm Gonna Have fun , I'll take tons of PiCs & I'll Post 'em later On .
I'll leave u with some Random shots , Enjoy :P
I think this is By far the Best PiC I have ever taken *I love it*

My Friend thought I Should take this Pic
BTW : it's not ours :P

took this one last ThursDay *I should've been studying Chemistry :P*

Baskin Robins *Love it*

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