Chocolate Day

YesterDay's Chocolate Day was not really Fun , it didn't rise to my expectations , there were moments when I felt so bored , I actually regret wasting my time in the Uni , waiting 4 my Sis 2 FiniSh her Anatomy exam , I decided 2 stay till she's Done , cuz I thought it would B Fun , but it wasn't at all, , I didn't even take much Pics Cuz there was almost nothing to B photographed :S plus the FaCt that all of my frienDs left & I had 2 saty all by myself , Uh I hate being Lonely Just hate it .

SinCe I was a bit Disappointed with that Chocolate Day , I went to the super market & bought lots & lots of ChoColate & Chocolate Cake & yeah I'm gonna B making a Chocolate Cake tomorrow *mayB :P*

So , EiD is Coming Soon , it's 2 Days till Eid Al-Adha , I hope I'm gonna enjoy it & have fun , I think of it as a good Chance 2 relax & enjoy myself B4 going BaCk to the Uni , Books 'n Handouts .

الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. الله أكبر .. لا إله إلا الله .. الله أكبر كبيراً .. والحمدلله كثيراً .. وسبحان الله بكرةً وأصيلاً
Pics :

there were piñatas all over the place , I loved the monkey piñata :P

I love Our Jam3iyah :P
*No.1 = Al-Rawdah Super Market*

ChoColate chocolate & ChoColate :P

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