Eid Mubarak :P 3eeDkoM MbaraK

it's 3eeD everyone , 3eeDkoM MbaraK O Kel 3am O entaw B5air , Yen3aD 3alikom bel.9e7a O el.3afiyah Ya Rab :*

the 1st Day of 3eeD was fine, not bad actually :P , I had fun with my cousins & much Fun is Yet 2 come.
but I have 2 admit that there were MomentS when I just wanted to B invisible , didn't wanna B there :S
wait 4 the next UpDate :P

3eeD's Snap Shots :p *not muCh but I promise Some more*
Pre-3eed Doughnuts lol

Our 3eeD's LunCh :P

*I wanted to take a PiC of fruits but I was so late they pretty much ate everything :(*

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