Hanging Out

I went out with my cousins & aunt yesterday & I really had Fun , it's such a pleasure to spend time with ur cousins .
I've noticed that if ur walking with a guy or 2 no body will dare 2 come near ya , but if ur with girls only u might suffer from some sort of harassment , I wonder don't those guys have sth better 2 Do with there lives ? where are there Parents ? how Do they allow their kids to annoy PPl like this ?
9ej ma yest7oOn 3ala Wyohom , my Sis was actually about to slap One of them , if she could reaCh him I believe she would have slapped him right in the Face , they were really RuDe .
this sort of guys R giving PPl a bad idea about Kuwaiti PPl , allah YahDehom
RanDom Snap Shots :


Money Money :P

kids section *so cute*

liked this one

the menu

ke ke's Drink :P

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3bady يقول...

كلمة وحدة هيلق على كثر ما تحقرينهم بزهقون .. او اتعرفين نظام اتلفين فجأة و تعطينهم نظام الخزه العصبية الي تخرع..

تبين حل مضمون مثلي سويي نفسج تتكلمين بالتلفون اتلكمين اخوي تعال بسرعة فيه شباب يلحقونا ما انشوفينهم الا ورررررر انحاشوا

@@ كنت بعلق بالانجليزي بس كتبت بالعربي طوفي لي :P

ملاحظة: يريت لو اتشيلين تأكيد الكلمة او الوورد فريكشن

Hope يقول...

ma aGol ella allah yahDeeHom , bas I think mo shay salfat el.5azzah , ya3ni yemken wa7eD eslobah mo Shay bacher yge6 3laina 7achee , Ana aGol 6af o 5alla9.
O 3la ra7tech arabic , English , it's all the same 2 me :P
btw : what do u mean with the word friction , I DON'T get it :s

3bady يقول...

tero7en 9oob el setting

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