A horrible Day

Yesterday was a very horrible day , I finished my classes at 12 , the writing definition assessment wasn't any close 2 being easy , went back home , & went 2 the Uni once more at 6 pm to attend the physics review session & I honestly WiSh I didn't , we finished really late about 9:45 , all Because of the smarties who attended the session , Gosh I wasted most of my time on nothing cuz I already understood the whole lecture but went 2 check how 2 solve the problems , the situation was really messy & the girls were so very really stupid , at one point I felt like killing them , there were all kinds of stupid Qs , 1 Q after another, & since we finished 2 late I couldn't go 2 Grandma's Which really Sucks & made my Day even worse :(
after what I went through yesterday I don't think I'm gonna attend any review session , Unless I really need 2 .
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CinnaBon *YuMmy*

Chemistry Lab

an Old Shot I took back in Eid

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