OnCe baCk in my LiFe I was going after perfection , it took a lot out of me , but at a later time of my life I realized that Perfection means nothing , Perfection U'll never achieve , no matter what , & now I'm after excellence , so strive 4 excellence not perfection.

if ur going after perfection then believe me ur gonna suffer & suffer & perfection u'll never achieve , at some point in my life I felt devastated cuz I couldn't achieve perfection , but U know what ... Excellence is now Enough , U don't have 2 B perfect 2 get PPl's attention or respect .

I know now that Striving for Perfection is gonna take u way far & gonna put lots & lots of Pressure on u , U might think u can handle it but believe me .. U Can't.

there will B time when u'll think that u'll always B a winner , u'll always B No.1 & ur this close 2 being perfect , sometimes PPl around u might give u the impression that u are actually perfect & this will not even help.

there was time when I believed I was a little bit Perfect , but guess what .. this belief took me down , I was under continuous pressure , everyone had high expectations 4 me , it would really hurt me 2 disappoint them , so .. I worked extra hard , until one Day , I couldn't just keep Going like this , I was suffocating Bcuz it was tough & it was such a huge Burden , the fact that some PPl think of me as the perfect KiD , that day I cried , do u know y ... cuz a girl I knew went celebrating & was like on the top of the world 4 one & only one reason , cuz OnCe in here life she got a better Grade than I did .... Uh I felt so Bad ... I got back home that day , stayed in my room alne 4 a while & just cried , at that moment I didn't want 2 B perfect , I wanted to B a human being again , I wanted 2 B Normal & that's it , I wanted 2 B like everyone else , that day I decided that I'm no longer going after PerfeCtion , cuz the cost is just 2 muCh 4 me .

when PPl think of u as Mr.PerfeCt , they have high expectations , they think u're unbeatable & u'll always a Winner , & this never really happens in Real LiFe .

even if ur a person who can handle pressure very well , believe me u just don't wanna do this , I know cuz I'm the kind of PPl who handle pressure very well , I actually some times Creat a pressure of my own to Score higer, but U need 2 always remember that being Perfect is not the way u wanna impress PPl , own their respect 'n touch their Hearts , it's the way u think , the way u act & they way U deal with them , ur respect is Gonna get u PPl's Respect & Appreciation.

Bottom Line : strive 4 excellence not PerfeCtion .

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