Strange PPl :S

I had an exam 2day & ell7emdellah it went Smoothly & I did very well , but a strange thing happened 2 me , I was wearing a cap & it had the US's flag on it , I passed by some girls I knew & they looked at me in a weird way & said "shloon Allah BeywafGiCh o Entay 7a6a hal Flag 3ala RassiCh ?" I was really shocked , my Face was like "What the hec ?" what does the the flag have 2 do with this ? el.TawFeeG min Allah , Shako el Flag ? I still can't believe that some PPl actually Consider the States as an enemy , it's just so funny , I feel for them , for the way they think , such narrow minded PPl .
I dare them to not have any sot of relation 2 the states in one way or another , if u Do think of the States as an enemy then don't travel 2 the states & don't by anything that's American :P , Strange PPl , really strange .
When I told Daddy about that he got pissed off , he was like "it's non of their business", anyway enough of them , I went 2 Mishref's Book store 2 By my beloved Tennis Mag , unfortunately I didn't find it , so I got an Arabic one called "Tennis News" though all of the news in it are old & everything is pretty much "copy & paste" from Tennis Mag , U know me , I Can't sth related 2 tennis & not get one , no matter what :P
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