Y Me & Only Me ?

The past few days weren't bad , they were actually fine , Sunday was really Special :D , my Dear Beloved Tom Tom surprised us & paid us a visit , I was shocked 2 c her in the Uni , it was great 2 C her , she cried & did those typical Tom Tom things , she actually entered the Guys' Cafeteria at the beginning & then realized that "it's the Guys' Cafeteria :S" that was funny lol , typical Tom Tom .
'n yesterday I had the "Y me ?" episode , I had tons of things 2 do & my bros where calling me hope , hope hope hope , I nearly exeploded , I had 2 do a research 4 A , teach B how 2 Do certain things in the front page , Explain other things 2 B , Do my own Homework , study & download a programme 4 one of my friends .
I don't know Y can't they realize that I can't do a trillion task at once ?? 4 God's sake I'm a Human being just like them *I actually felt more like a robot that day :S*

I wonder what would they do without me , the won't survive I guess :P , cuz pretty much everyone in the house rely on me 4 sth .
so I started complaining 2 Nwairah & she complained BaCk , I then realized that we r both suffering from the exact same problem .
anyway , the allied health students have started their "use ur Risorius :D" week , although we R Med School student , they welcome us & we really are having Fun with them .

Bottom line : Smile :D

Snap Shots :

Naughty , ha ? *enjoyed it lol*

cute isn't it ?

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