the beginning of 2009

U know what !!! I'm actually liking 2009 , it's gonna B Fun I guess I love these times of the Year when it's so sold & you're almost Freezing , I love January , it's just so Sweet & Nice & I don't know , I just love it So I'm Gonna Finish my Final exams by January the 26th or the 27th , which means I'm gonna Miss about 6 to 7 Days of AO , Oh I love the AO , I love waking up early 2 watch some Classy tennis , I should start studying 4 my Physics & Chemistry Final exams , But the problem is that I don't feel like it , I keep saying 2morrow , Oh Gosh I wanna Cry :'( I really need to get my "I wanna study" Spirit .

Plz Guys eD3olly :(

My MooD is : Kelly Clarkson's Because Of You

Snap Shots :

a shot of the Moon in the morning :P

PinkiYa's Car

7aloOm's Box

In the very early Morning HeaDing 2 the Uni *Love the Color of the Sky*

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3bady يقول...

nice shots .. and good luck in ur exams ^_^