Back 2 the Uni

ufff :'(
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
, I'm gonna go back 2 the Uni next week , it's not Fair , the 2 weeks holiday doesn't work 4 me :( it's not fair cuz nobody starts the 2nd semester until the 1st of March , except 4 us "Med Students" :(
I think I can manage those couple of week cuz we'll only have 2 courses cuz the others won't start till the 1st of March .
I'm so bored ,but I don't wanna go back 2 the Uni , Fortunately UnCle A is gonna Come back Home On SaturDay , Oh I MisseD him , Thank God he's Coming Back :*
RanDom PiCs :
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Finally captured a photo of the BeautiFul Moon

عيدي يا كويت يا أحلى بلد

Loved the Color of the sky :)

Bye Bye Old Books :P

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