Behind The Wheel :P

So , Dad started teaching me how 2 Drive , Of Course I screwed up Big time , the 1st time I was Behind the wheel was awFul :S , But I'm getting Better :P

I realized that driving is Not really easy , U gotta use ur Brain lol , Dad was really mad that day , a couple of days later he woke me up & I just said : "No , I wanna Sleep .. Plz , he said : " Don't worry , I'm not gonna get mad & I'm not gonna sCream C'mon Sweet heart "& I said : " No Dad , it's Not that , It's that I wanna Sleep lol "

the holiday is coming 2 an End & I really neeD 2 Go 2 Jareer Bookstore , There r many Many Books I wanna Buy :( , I might Go this Week

Random PicS:
7ayaKom :P

7amood's Purchases , La o yGool he's on Diet Ba3ad :@

Changed My Glasses & 7amOoD Got One 2 :p

Have a Break ... Have a KitKat :*

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