Mad 'n Sad

I don't like doing things I don't want 2 do , I don't like doing things I'm forced 2 do , I don't wanna do things for peoples sack , I don't like 2 do things I hate 2 do just to Please some. I very rarely do things Just 2 please some one or to or to satisfy their ego .
I'm going to Do sth I don't wanna Do this time , just for u Daddy, Yeah just for you're Sack , but I guarantee u , I won't do this again , Not 2 please her, U shouldn't upset me just to please her , U Shouldn't , that's not fair :(
I Can't Do this Again , cuz it hurts me
& now she says no , she's not going , Well, as far as I'm concerned that's fine, at least I don't have 2 do sth I don't wanna Do , But u know what !! Now I'll B the One 2 Blame , I'll B blamed 4 my Opinion
The story of My liFe :'(
'n if I choose not 2 B social , it's my choice , the call is mine , I don't likE meeting new PPl , I don't like making new friends , getting 2 know PPL is not a piece of cake , not for me , no it's tough & if I choose not 2 , then U should respect that.
Stop telling me that I need 2 do it , Cuz sth that I know won't please me I don't wanna Do , I wanna enjoy my self & enjoying myself is about Me & Only Me .
U can Not Control Me , it's My liFe & Not yours .
Once More let me remind u that I am what I am NOT what PPL want me 2 B

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