Which Side do U prefer ? & Y ?

Do u Prefer ur Mum's Or Dad's side of the Family ?

I would always choose Dad's , Cuz I'm one of them , I carry their Name , I'm an extension of their Family , I'm their Daughter .....

with them I can B myself , with them I know I'm safe & I'm always accepted for who I am .. Who I really am , I need No proof of their love , I know I can relay on each & everyone of them , I'm their's , I'm one of them , My Life is their's & their lives are mine , I don't have 2 try too hard 2 impress them , cuz I already do , they know me better than any one , they will always B their for me , One thing that really matters 2 me is that They Do Care

cuz they r ... My Family =)

Mum's Side , I'm not so sure , Y would they care about me =s ? I'm not one of them , My future isn't their's , I'm just their niece , Just a tie of Blood , they Know nothing about me , they did underestimate me at times , & I'm Glad I proved them WRONG =P

it's Just that I don't feel like I belong 2 them , they don't know the real me ..

I hate it when the complement me & I know deep inside they don't really mean it , I don't mean anything 2 them , I know that the same thing is gonna happen when My Bro shows them what success really is "next year InShallah =)"

I guess I'll just keep Shocking them =P

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-mate يقول...

well its known that gurls usually prefer paternal side while boys maternal .. its just like that

good luck for ur bro

Ali يقول...

I think they always say the girl with her father and the boy with his mother :)

Hope يقول...

mate , thanx bro

well guys , I think it has nothing to do with the fact that girls like their Father more .
I think it's a seperate issue
for example , Many of my friends prefer their Moms' side of the Family , it's about whom ur more comfortable with , it's just about ur feelings