I'm likin' it

I really am , I'm likin' Kuwait's History , OMG!! the doc is totally amazing "PS. I've decided 2 call him Dr.Z" he's just so delightful 2 B around , got a WonderFul sense of humour , I very much enjoy each class , the way he describes everything is so interesting , he makes everything so interesting .
It have been a while since last time I enjoyed a class like I do in his , the lectures r so Fun 'n the things he's telling us R unbelievable , really interesting stuff , it's good 2 know about ur country' own history , or should I say u MUST ?
As I mentioned B4 he's so Funny that I even sometimes write hints 4 myself on my note Book during class 2 make sure I won't 4get anything Funny that happened , but it seems it doesn't work =p , GoD there are so many things 2 remember .
Never thought his lectures would B so Fun , Since he used 2 B in the Air Force , I thought that the lecture Would B like Blah Blah Blah , do u Understand ?
& We would reply "Sir Yes Sir" ... well , that's not the case
it's really nice 2 c someone dedicated 2 his job the way Dr.z is , I can tell that very few PPl R like that 2 day , He's slways welling 2 help
Dr.Z is WonderFul
thanx 4 being So Dedicated

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