I'm So tired

Oh yeah I am , I'm so very tired , My eyes R tired , My right Knee hurts & I can't seem 2 adjust my style in writing 2 match what my E tutor wants .
Aaaaaaaaaaah , I feel like screaming , I have so many things 2 Do , 'n this research we're supposed 2 do for Kuwait History , is a real one , I've never Done a real research B4 , I'm so tired of typing , understanding , putting things together , getting 2 conclusions & most of all , I'm tired of reading those books though I find some of them really interesting , Aaaaah My eyes hurt , I've been spending too much time starring at my computer .
we're gonna go 2 the blood bank 2morrow 'n my friends think that they might faint when they c Blood , I don't feel like helping anyone 2 walk , if such a thing happen I'm just gonna make the most of it , I'm gonna laugh & Laugh & may be even tease them

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Ra-1 يقول...


let us know what happened there :)

Hope يقول...

1st oof all thank God no one Fainted
we really had Fun , though I wanted 2 c them sucking blood out of PPL :p 'n we didn't get 2 c anyone cuz our group's time is really bad , we had 2 B there from 12:45 till 2 pm , & we didn't get 2 c anyone except for that guy who was nearly finished & another one who was almost done , he actually pretended 2 be fainting & later on he was like nah Just kidding

But the really nice part was when we entered the Blood's Freezer , I took some Pic & I'll post 'em later on InShallah