A Dream of Mine Once Died, But ....

here I am sitting in front of my computer thinking of My Kuwait's History Research , I did a good job so far I guess :)

U know .. doing this research was fun & very useful though it took a lot of time . 2 do the research I was going through this book about Kuwait & every page & another there he was with his so beautiful smile

he so wonderful , I look at Him & I say may he rest in PeaCe , I mean Wow .. really Wow , he's amazing , such a wonderful personality , he was so graceful .

every time I look at him or read about him , I'm amazed more & more , MaShallah tabarak al Ra7man , I look at him & I think .. MaShallah .. Kamel el.Aw9af Ya Yeba... allah yr7emah

I specifically liked eskandar ma3rof's description of baba Jaber when he said :

"معالي الشيخ جابر الأحمد الصباح وزير الماليه و الصناعة و النفط ، الوزير الباسم ذو اللحية العربية الجميلة التي تزين ذقنه الجميل و من فوقها ابتسامة دائمة مرتسمة فوق شفتيه الضاحكتين"

"ان الوزير بوجهه الضاحك الباسم ذو ذقن جميل بشعيرات سوداء داكنة و هو في عز الشباب المتدفق حيوية و نشاطاً"

I wish I could have met him , I wish

I always dreamed of meeting him , since I was a little kid , One of my Dreams Died with him :'(

this dream motivated me 2 B the best , it's one of the underlying factors that made me No.1 all the way in my LiFe , InShallah I always Do , Allah Yejma3nah feeh bel.Jannah

PS : There will Always B HOPE =D

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