I'm tired

Currently I'm suffering from encephalomegaly lol this term means the enlargement or swelling of the brain
my brain is full of info , I think it's gonna explode ... Oh my Beloved Brain , I love u .. My brain .. Ras malie :P
I'm so tired of studying , mo chena too much 7 years bas 3shan ashale3 teeth :P
I miss holidays , I can't wait 4 the summer holiday , I'll sleep a lot , I'll watch tennis , I'll exercise , I'll learn Spanish & do everything I wanna do
eeeeeee I'll also get my driving licence

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a7mad Nabeel يقول...

salam hope
shlonij sh'7barej
7 years wayed
B amreica el asnan 9
w el medicne 14 senna
9adgenny ymoron bser3a
yalla sheddy 7elij
good luck

غير معرف يقول...

Wee Maskeena!
i don't blame you at all !
i'm an art student an i can't close my eyes !
ylla ma 3laih .. shiddi 7ailich inshallah betkoneen a7san diktoura ;0

-mate يقول...

I already finished 3 years n i'm in my 4th now

Enzain, since you mentioned encephalomegaly. give me 2 diseases that causes that symptom?


Hope يقول...

a7mad Nabeel
wa 3laikom el.salam wa ra7mat allah o barakatah
fine , u ?
ee 7 yrs wayed , my cousin is studying dentistry in UK & it's only 6 years .
allah yesma3 minik , InShallah
Ajma3een , thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...

Hanan Sweetypie
Thanks Sis

Hope يقول...

wanasa , allah ywafGek o yakteblik elle feh el.5air

I guess the accumulation of fluid in the brain cause it , maybe madree :S cuz ma 5athena pathology yet :P