Mo 9ij =S

la2 Dr.Z mo Min 9ijah O_o I have to work from scratch on Jaber the 2nd , but u know what !! that's o.k I'll do whatever I have 2 in order 2 get a Full Mark =)
poor 7alOom & Pinkiya , they r so shocked & upset ba3ad ChabDi My Dear Friends.
they were so upset that even when Dr.Z said Funny stuff during the Lecture they were like Nah .. Not so funny , I couldn't do that , he's just so funny lol . So, I went 2 the library yesterday & found absolutely nothing , dad went 2 other two libraries looking for a specific book that I was told that it's baned in Kuwait, But nothing 2 :(
the Funny thing is that my visit to the library yesterday was My very 1st , 2day I was thinking of the research all the time , even during the examination "I did well though , I guess .. al7amdollelah", which was really disturbing , cuz I always like 2 keep my mind focus on 1 thing at a time , another very funny thing is that I was telling 7alOom & Pinkiya how I laughed out on My brother when he said he didn't know what FAT,which was mentioned By Dr.Z in one of the lectures, is .... I told them the story & the were starring at me with question marks on the faces .... Guess What ??!! they Don't Know what FAT means , I was like ... u gotta B kidding me , don't u guys watch movies , read newspapers & most importantly , this is totally General Info =s
they actualy thought it was a car which is OMG so Funny , C'mon Girls .. 4 God's sake it's a military plane
I was like , c130 , does that ring a bell ? & there was silence all over the place =s
that was really weird 2 me , I mean who doesn't know C130 =S ??
On SaturDay, I attended el.6ebiya's Party , it was really Fun , though some weird things happened lol , but after all it was really fun with 7alOom & Miss Cheese & unfortunately Pinkiya didn't come .
Dr. Jaber Ziada , Dr.shereef , Dr.Moussa & many others were there , Girls went Crazy when they saw Dr. Ziada , everyone went & said hi except for us , I wanted 2 But 7alOom was like NO WAY =P
'n yeah my Pic in the newspaper is so very not good =P I look really angry , but I don't remember being angry then , I think I was shocked of sth that happened , I actually was terrified :'(
Me being a Good Madridista
P.S. overlook the spelling Mistakes PLZ =S
Bottom Line : I always Get what I want =)

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