Have u ? cuz I have =P

Have u ever enjoyed Doing An exam ?
Well,today, I Did =]

I never ever thought that this was possible , No tension , no stress , Just me, my pen & the paper ... it felt like I had all the time in the world
4 the very 1st time in My life ... I was relaxed

I Can't believe it ... I Actually enjoyed My Exam 2Day , this have never happened 2 me , I never thought of an exam as sth that you could enjoy ... it just didn't seem right =s
Congrats Dr.Z ... u Did it .. U R Brilliant
WOW... U made the examination A WonderFul experience , I definitely enjoyed every minute of it
though I didn't do Perfect in this exam , I'm not feeling down or anything , I actually am feeling pretty SatisFied =D
so , Have u ever enjoyed doing an exam ?
هــمــســه .... اللهم اشفِ مرضانا و مرضى المسلمين

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Salah يقول...

ما تصير وايد بس أكيد شعور طيب لمه الواحد يحس ان مسيطر على كل شي اثناء الامتحان.

موفقة ان شاء الله

Hope يقول...

اي و عشان جذي آنا مستغربه ، اول مره استمتع بإمتحان
فعلا شعور طيب =]
شاكرتلك مرورك ، اجمعين يا رب