Today ... 17 Yrs ago

Today 17 years ago
a very SpeCial , WonderFul , Amazing Girl came 2 the world
Nawari Sweetheart , Happy B-Day 2 u
May all ur wiShes Come True InShallah =]
I'm blessed 2 have u on my Side
My Secrets' Keeper .. Allah La Ya7remni MiniCh =*


I'm really having trouble studying 4 my Kuwait's History mid term , it have been a while since last time I've studied 4 an exam in Arabic , 'n History .. I haven't studied such things since like 2 yrs now , except for some of those lessons in Arabic in the last couple of yrs :S
any way .... this week was kinda funny

On Sunday I recited a poem that I memorized in the weekend, Dr.Z told me 2 lol, I refused at first & then I thought Y not ? that would B Fun , I did that in front of the whole class which was intimidating considering the fact that this poem was weird , the words were so weird the 1st time I looked at it , it's SO old & I barely managed 2 pronounce the words the right way after listening 2 the poem like 10 times .
after all it was nice ... a WonderFul experience, I felt like I was still in KG when the whole class applauded me
U should have seen my Face , I was Happy .. haven't done sth fun for so long & this was definitely Fun & DelightFul =P

all7amdollelah , I am still enjoying every Kuwait's history lecture , it's so fun & I'm learning tons of new info every minute , everyday when I'm done I discuss these things which is really fun, I like it when Daddy tell me stories about these things
I also I'm enjoying reading the Book Dr.Z gave me , I'm not reading it regularly , just every now & then when I feel like it & I find it very interesting , especially the parts where they talk about Desert Shield & Desert Storm 'n how Kuwait was liberated , how things were done like in details ... U know I LOVE Details

later on during this past week , I was shocked with my Biology exam result :(
PPL keep saying it's not bad , but 2 me it is BAD
I currently I'm suffering from reproval , cuz I feel like I didn't study hard & my performance was way far from my best , Not even close 2 Good :( , I did neglect my studies for sometime u Know .. WhiCh is sth I don't Usually Do

the problem is that it's not in my Hands =( I just Don't feel like studying ... I need some one 2 scream at me & shock me so that I can go back 2 being Normal Hope
I think I'm gonna try 2 work thins out & B positive , Since I've always Been so impressively good at dealing with pressure , I'm gonna deal with these bad grades the same way , they're gonna push me 2 get great grades in the finals & up coming assessments inShallah =]
My Goals 4 next week :

1- wanna get a full, full, totally Full mark in Kuwait's History mid term =P
2- wanna B Happy =]
3- wanna get a good grade in my EngliSh mid term
Snap Shots :

here I had a very horrible embarrassing mistake , this is the reason I erased a part with photoshop
I wrote "في الدقيقة ال19 من الشوط الأول" instead of
I realized that like 2 minutes later & wrote 17 instead of 19 , but 4got 2 take a new PiC =p

O what shocked me was the Fact that nobody knew the answer .. totally no one
C'mon Girls that was an easy one :(
One girl from the other class wrote Christiano Ronaldo & spelled it totally wrong :S
I was like O_o NO u've got 2 B kidding me , that's not the right answer
I think the only player the thought of was Ronaldo , myB cuz they found him Good Looking :S
9ij teenagers, Allah ykamelhom be3Golhom =p
Yup ... I'm trying 2 enrich the girls sports culture *if u could call it so =p*

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