Old Hope is back

A couple of days ago ideas were floating all over the place in my brain. ironically, I couldn't get my Hand on any of them =s , My brain seemed 2 B still full of that Biology , BiostatiStiCs 'n Epidemiology stuff .

But now , it feels so clear , it's a WonderFul feeling , recovering from Finals
ohh I really am relieved .. it feels like the Old me is Back =]

I'm so very much enjoying Wimbledon , didn't think I would without Rafa ... But Andy is making me Proud , He's not done with Grand Slam titles ,which is totally great. it's wonderful to have him back & Hewitt have done a really good job in the tourney .. love having the old guys back ... it's a pleasure ... feels like the old days

Hopefully , this time Andy will make it, he'll B the Victor in the Battle with Feddy in the Finals.. he's gonna do it 2, InShallah he will hold the trophy =]



I've started reading "P.S, I Love You" 'n I think it great, I've only read a couple of pages or so & I find it very promising , also planning 2 complete reading "The Power Of Now"

& Yay ... Finally gonna get the book I've been waiting 4 , it have been months since I wanted it... I probably said that I'm gonna get it like 3 times now & eventually I didn't but InShallah this time I WILL get my hand on it

I f I don't get it this time , then I don't want it .. as Much as I really want to have a look at it ... Mabee 5la9 .. this is My last try

My Bro did really great , he made me proud , One of the top 20 Kuwaitis .. Well Done "A"
He's gonna join us in HSC, That;s Gonna B really Fun =p

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Aurous يقول...

wow it really takes so long for the effect of the final to wear out!

congrats to your bro..
welcome to HSC A :)

Hope يقول...

Yeah , it feels like those exams suck ur soul out :(

Thanx a lot 4 passing by

a7mad Nabeel يقول...

سلام :)
صج جو الامتحانات كآبة و الواحد لمن يخلص يحس بطعم الحياة !

post final exams syndrome: early morning wakings, obsessive compulsive eating, obssesive compulsive shopping , and mania !!!!

بشرينا عنج شسويتي بالامتحانات ؟؟؟

Hope يقول...

a7mad Nabeel

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
اي والله صح لسانك ، يا حلو الحياة بدون امتحانات

O don't 4get "Wake up, U have an exam"-kind of nightmares

الحمد لله سويت زين
Not so bad, not so good, kind of in between

Thanx 4 asking 'n passing by