Summer Time

Summer Time

I'm finally Done with My Finals , 2day I had a Biology Exam , it was relatively easy al7amDollelah
Wimbledon started 2day & Surprisingly I'm not feeling like it's SW19 time :( that's probably cuz I'm very disappointed cuz Rafa withdrew from the tourney ... I find it really hard 2 imagine the way the tourney is Gonna B without him ... I still remember last year's Final as it was Yesterday, what an epic match , a wonderful performance , tennis at its very best ... Unbelievable
2day was kinda of a bad day 4 me , Got some really bad news about my Biostatistics & Epidemiology Grade ... really Bad , never got sth like that
uffff, it's really frustrating .. I hate it when I let myself down & what really upsets me is the thought of disappointing Daddy ... felt really horrible 4 a while but then I felt much better al7amDollelah ... 5eerah InShallah
I've got so many plans 4 the holiday , so many things I wanna Do, gonna do some reading first & the most important thing is that I'm gonna take driving lessons Once more , Allah Yaster .. I know I won't Do Good =p InShallah nobody will get hurt =p

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Don Juan يقول...

eeee nas 3ndhom Holiday w nas next week 3indohom Summer Course :(

Hope يقول...

Don Juan
eee O Also, nas tet5araj eb.4 Years O Nas eb.7
Unfortunately, we don't have Summer courses

ARTFUL يقول...

ايي ما عليه على الدرجات تكبير وتنسين وشدي حيلج

وبالنسه لنادال أحسن وعساه بهالحاله واردا

وانشالله برد التصنيف حق اهله

على فكره زورينا مسوي تحديث خاص لج


Hope يقول...

Thanx ع التشجيع
حرام عليك ، ليش تقول جذي ، و هم اذا ردلكم التصنيف وراكم وراكم و بنرد و ناخذه
cuz #1 belongs 2 Rafa .. & Only Rafa