Enigma ... Mystery

U might not B like them ....
But this DoeSn't mean that u r strange
U just happen 2 B different
2 B different ,according to the dictionary, is 2 B separate,distinct & not identical or alike in character or quality
'n guess what ??!!!
U really don't have 2 fit in
have u ever thought of it like this :
Maybe u r meant 2 B different
SpeCial & Unique
Can't u see it ??
U R meant 2 Stand out
'n regarding that controversy about normal 'n abnormal
when u say it .... u better define it
normal u said ? How ? tell me ...
recently I've been having difficulty understanding what PPl r telling me
that's weird =s
they would repeat it Once, Twice, & even thrice
'n all u can See is a big "?" on my face
with my =s face, raising my left eyebrow in question !!!
though what is being said 2 me can B very obvious, Simple, & common-sensical, to me it seems 2 B an enigma
just a bunch of meaningless words, wrapped in mystery
Bottom Line : B sure that Normal doesn't always mean Better

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Aurous يقول...

normal is overrated :)
and being different doesn't mean not fitting in.. I know that for sure :)


are congratulation in order? bashray
did you make it into HSC? :)

Hope يقول...

yeah, I guess "Normal" is way overrated actually



yup =D
I officially am a Dentistry Student in HSC

monalisa يقول...

normal is sooooo lame
being weird is the best cuz noone ever expects anything of you =)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy يقول...

Everyone's unique in their own way sadguunee bas people dont always wish to see that ;p

Hope يقول...

Yup, but being weird isn't the same when u're a weird in a way that makes PPl have so much high expectations 4 u =s

Thanx 4 passing by

Hope يقول...