Got 'em !!!

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic .. had so many things 2 do

2 start things up, I failed my 1st try 2 get a driving licence .. it was an awful experience .. I'm always in a hurry & I always get in trouble Bcuz of that
a tip 4 those who have was6a : don't B like me O B there B4 ur Was6a =p
O the week B4 I was truly suffering from my awful tutor .. man she's so curious o she asks all kinds of personal questions .. o I kept answering till I realized I shouldn't =s *it took me a while lol*

I then started 2 change the subject .. talking about MJ O other stuff
eee o on the mention of MJ, 1 day later I was tired o She asked r u o.k, U don't look Good ? .. I said yeah Just a little bit tired, I stayed up late yesterday ... U wouldn't imagine what her reply was She said "kol Da bsabab Michael Jackson ? ... Ye5reb baytoh"
She thought I was obsessed about him lol ..she's Weird ,isn't she ?
O the shocking part was on the 1st day I came froward to shake hands with her 'n suddenly O out of Totally nowhere she hugged me so hard .. man, I nearly cried, I don't like hugging o kissing strange PPl

O then when I got in the car she asked me if there's a particular thing that I'd like 2 hear .. I didn't feel like it so I said "Whatever" .. I honestly thought she's Gonna put on some Qura'an or sth .. but Once more she shocked me .. she put Marina Fm o then inserted a cassette .. RaShid Al-MajeD I guess O she started 2 sing with him
that really disturbed me ...OMG O_o !! Yallah 9ba7 5air .. it's only 8 am .. Music & singing so early =s
O ya3ni What if we had an accident O I died .. I don't wanna die listening 2 songs ... o it's not like I was enjoying these songs .. I'm not really into Arabic songs =s

then I got the news ... I'm officially a Dentistry Student in HSC .. though this was very much expected 'n honestly not a surprise at all , I enjoyed a Funny feeling of Pride =p

The other week I did my 2nd try & this time I passed ... this time it was so funny cuz I didn't want 2 fail Once more O thanx to el.Was6a I didn't

the officer was telling me what 2 do & I was like "What ? =S"

I tried 2 understand what he said & tried 2 do it but then he came & explained once more O even though he tried so hard to explain what he exactly wants me 2 do .. I didn't get it .. uffff
I said "I really don't get it !! "

Man, I looked like a fool & he had a laugh at me ...
just then ... I knew sth must B wrong with me .. seriously ... this isn't funny anymore :(

I've always understood things in a different way ... looked at them from a very different, strange angel, but I've never had so much difficulty understanding what PPl r Saying

So, eventually ... I got my Driving licence


I Also got ... The Book lol the one I've been waiting for 4 like what 3 or 4 months .. mayB more actually
I got a copy of it.. but that's better than nothing .. I finished reading it so very quickly ... I found it nice o I might write a Review about it
I liked the poems .. so revealing .. I found that Some parts were touching
I very much enjoyed the very delicate transparency in the expression of feelings

I have 3 books 2 read 4 now ... gotta finish reading them .. I started with each 'n then got bored
this is Y I should read it the moment I get it ... I don't wanna lose the excitement =p
Those 3 R :
The Power of now
P.S, I Love You
تاريخ الجيش الكويتي
Pics from here 'n there :
Aced the verbal test =D
I've never ever Failed in anything B4 that day, kinda depressed me =(
My Was6a Siggy lol
btw : I found out that lane 1 is 4 was6a lol
O I finally PASSED

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إنسانة يقول...

مبروووووك ،،
و أخيرا نجحتي ،، :)

انا يوم خذت الليسن سرت كتبت على باب حجرتي اني نجحت ،،
و لين الحين موجودة الكتابة ،،

و ما اخليهم يصبغون الباب بعد ،،
لووول ،،

بس و الله ايام حلوة ،،
مبارك عليج الليسن حبوبة ،،

و ديري بالج مب تسرعين ،، لوول
دمتي بود ،،


Hope يقول...

الله يبارك فيج اختي
عاد الله يستر كل من يقولي وايد تسرعين =s
اشكرج على مرورج العطر