No wonder I'm A Roddick Fan :D

He gave it all , he played with unbelievable purity & desire, we all saw how much he wanted this trophy ..
He made that Clear
Yet, his efforts came short :(
On Sunday, he played like he never did
On Sunday, he came into Center Court as an underdog
yet managed to amaze the crowd
In everybody eyes I think he played a better game, and deserved to win The Wimbledon Trophy
uhhh, sports can B so cruel at times, that match was amazing, what a spectacular effort by Andy
Unfortunately ... he had 2 B the Loser at this one
the score Board might say that he lost, But to me it's not about who holds the trophy
2 me, it's about who was the better player in the court, the one who won the hearts & appreciation of everyone
U've got to feel 4 Roddick even if ur not a fan of his
his dedication & the effort he've put in that match was Wow ... Unreal
he really wanted this one
he wanted his name with the champs of Wimbledon So bad
he played the match of his life
He played that match so genuinely
My heart truely breaks for him :'(
As someone who has followed his career since the very beginning, I was astounded by what a different, more Composed , much more mature player he Became
with out a doubt, His newly found calm on the court is something to be lauded
I've never seen him so calm , composed & assertive
I've never in my liFe seen him play that well .. it just brings u 2 tears
it really is a shame he lost this one, cuz it was not only a battle of will, but also skill
what a brave fighter, he stepped in the court believing that he can hold the trophy
he served 2 stay in the match 11 times, & failed only once, that unfortunately did cost him the match & that golden trophy
when PPL though that this one would B a piece of cake for Federer
he stepped up to my expectations & proved them wrong
losing 16-14 in the 95-minutes fifth set
being broken once & only once , which proved costly ...
making him lose that trophy
he lost the one thing he wants the most , yet he came up & managed to tell a joke
he's a true Champ
you just Have 2 B so proud of him, So proud , Once more I shall say "Andy, take pride in how far u've come, 'n have faith in how far u can go"
I hope he'll eventually B able to sit back and realize how close he came, and that one day, maybe even one day very soon, another Grand Slam championship trophy will be his ... InShallah
yes he is 26 years old, but it's not too late , actually ... with his will & desire it'll never B too late
Man, no wonder I'm a fan of his ... I know how 2 choose my boys 7 I've made a wonderful job so far
I'm So Proud of U Fighter
'n about the Greatest player ever controversy
In their Book they say that Federer is the greatest tennis player ever
well, that's not the case in MINE
in my opinion, it wouldn't B fair to compare players from like 10 yrs ago with players 2day
it's just not fair, technology have helped those players a lot 2day
'n it's not about how many Grand Slam titles u have won, 2 me it's far beyond that

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