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I happen 2 B the type of PPl who can't stop thinking, not even 4 a second .. & Yes, I Do think way too Much .. I over analyze things & try 2 c Things from every possible angle , I like 2 get 2 know all possible meaning of a word ... it's nice , But it can B really tiring Sometimes, it seems Like I Can't stop thinking
I wiSh I had a turn off button that would B really helpful
Ya3ni there must B one .. bs I can't seem 2 find it ... it's like My mind is taking over my life
So, Since I've been reading "The Power of Now" one of the chapters is about how 2 free urself from ur mind .. it says that U & ur mind are two separate entities ..

So as u go on reading .. it kinda gives u clues abt how to have what they call mind gaps .. silent moments in ur mind .. I tried it & it worked 4 a while .. but it takes more practice to Ace it

This Book have been very useful, But I decided I'm gonna stop reading it 4 a while cuz I think it's playing with my mind lol
I really don't wanna turn off my Mind & then lose my way 2 the ON button lol .. that would B horrible
after all, I Need 2 think & I love it .. gotta admit I'm addicted to it ... I like it .. ell7emdellah it's an advantage most of the time




what the hec is wrong with PPl =s
seriously, is "being rude" the new trend or habba O_o ?
in the Uni ... with some colleagues ... uhh .. pretty much everywhere
what's up with everyone ??!! what happened 2 being nice & respecting one another
PPl keep on shocking me .. Ya3ni 4 God's sake can't u live with out the use of such offensive words

if it's o.k with you then at least try to respect others' feelings, tarra not everyone is like u .. o not everyone is used 2 hearing such bad words every now & then
Y3ni some girls really shock me ... so sweet 'n nice bs OMG !! don't listen 2 them when they talk .. Ya3ni don't they know enna the way they act reflects their background ?

I'm disgusted

Behave PPl ... Behave ... Plz


I've pretty much postponed everything till after 3eed .. everything .. routine check up , blood tests o also the chickenpox vaccine
I haven't got the disease Yet ... o since we're gonna have hospital visits next year, I totally don't wanna B at risk lol
I've been told enna when u get it when ur old it's gonna B nasty .. So I'm thinking "No, thank u .. I guess I'll take the vaccine"
it's also bcuz I'm gonna get some other vaccines next year for hepatitis & meningitis I guess, So Y not get this one .. Don't wanna g down with it
now here's the problem, Daddy doesn't want me to get the chickenpox vaccine =s Y ? I really don't know .. he just said No
but since I happen 2 B a very persuasive person I'm gonna persuade him O mali sh'3l .. I'm gonna do the dramatic act o go like "u wanna lose me 4 such a silly disease ?"
I've got a whole month to convince him =p & I'll make the most of it

I'm craving for some brownies with vanilla ice cream & cookies
wanna make some =p



ما بقى شي على رمضان
مبارك عليكم الشهر و كل عام و انتو بخير
ينعاد عليكم بالصحه و العافيه يا رب



ehdaa2 from 7abebti Um 5aZ3al ... a5er 3omrey 9ert Om 3ntar lol

Yummy ... Yummy
Pizza anyone =p ?

14 التعليقات:

princess adadi يقول...

im lost between the lines
like ur post and ur garga :P

مبارك عليج الشهر ^^

Hope يقول...

princess adadi

I'm kinda lost myself lol
I can sound very confusing at times =$

علينا و عليج يا رب

Nikon 8 يقول...

مبارك عليكم الشهر :)

Hope يقول...

Nikon 8
علينا و عليج يا رب

Fishah يقول...

مبارك عليكم الشهر وكل عام وانتي بخير


Hope يقول...

علينا و عليج يا رب
و انتي بصحه و سلامه
ما تقصرين اختي

Just Another Blogger يقول...

sometimes people force you to be rude ;) fee nas ma yestahlon that u respect them! its not a habba i think its a voice :D

eshda3wa يقول...

imbarak 3alaich elshahar :)

Hope يقول...

Just Another Blogger

Yes, some PPl force u 2 B rude bs I have this rule that says: if u respect ppl they will have to respect u, no matter who they r , eventually they will
elwa7ed Lazem yafre'9 e7teramah 3la '3airah

Hope يقول...

3laina o 3laich sweety
=] Yen3ad 3laich bel.9e7a wel.3afiyah Ya Rab

ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ يقول...

mbarak 3alaich el shahar

Bahrain Fashion يقول...

I still didn't get chicken pox, too xD

You made me think of getting the vaccine!



Hope يقول...


3laina o 3laich .. Thanx hun

Hope يقول...

Bahrain Fashion

U really need 2 think abt this & take it seriously =p

Thanx Sis .. 3sach men 3waDah