My Super Hero

Dear You,

did I ever tell u how secure & safe I feel when I'm with u ?
Did I ever tell U how much I love, adore, & admire u
I love the way u hug me .. I love ur warm kisses ...
I love my day when I wake up on the sound of ur voice
'n ... ur sweet giggles .. they're my Fav =p

When I think abt the Good things in my life, ur Pic comes up on the top of the pile for u r the secret behind everything good & sweet in my life =]
of all men who have been in & out of my life, u stands out, for u are one very special man. A man of principles, a man with a great sense of humor & a lot of love, warmth & patience. Fact is, No Body *& I really mean No Body* in this world would tolerate my actions & stand my continues interference other than u ... U're always there & u always listen with so much care .. others can't even pretend 2 B listening

I love, love & love talking 2 u, discussing issues with u, being around u, & learning from u.
I love having ur DNA =] Wallah I Do .. I got all the Good genes
I love the fact that u exist in each & every cell of mine, The Fact that U live in me =D
have a walk in my little heart & u'll find the word Daddy written on each wall =p
U raise me up ... U make me a better person .. U make me feel I'm worthy
with u, I'm much stronger ..
With u, I'm someone I can only B with U

I'm not saying all of this just bcuz U're my Daddy 'n I'm ur little girl
No, it's far beyond that ... What I've seen in u is more that just a Man .. when I look in ur eyes I see a gentleman, a loving father & brother, a good friend, a humanitarian, a man with a big heart & most importantly .. a Family Man =D
Daddy, I've tried my whole life to B like u .. but later on I realized that no matter what I do or how hard I try I'll never B like u .. cuz Great PPl like u can not B copied .. but only taken as role models

U know & I've told u a million time that no man can compete with u , No man on the Face of earth
I've got some very high standards, that the man I'm gonna fall for has got 2 B like u ... & I'm sure I'll never find this guy .. cuz U my dear are one of a kind ... No man will ever come close to ur toe's nail , U r the greatest gift of God

in my eyes U R so perfect .. so flawless

With u, I feel happy, safe & secure.. Ur Faith in me makes me believe in my dreams.. u push me forward .. U've always helped me reach for my dreams .. U've given me ur shoulder to stand on .. to reach for My dreams
U've always Been there for me , in the good & bad , when I'm weak or strong .. U're always there

I Love U
I love u for u will always accept me ... for U'll accept me as I am, U won't change a thing in me
I love u 4 u'll always find a way 2 forgive me
I love u cuz U'll always B proud of me , even if I under achieve
I love u cuz U'll always believe in me & support me
U make me feel like I'm the best in this world ..

Sometimes, it seems like ur the only one who truly understands me 'n cares for me, how many times have I cried on ur shoulders ?? millions of times ...
it's unbelievable how good I feel when I'm with u, U do magic Daddy
U manage 2 make me smile when no body can
U make me feel better even when I'm sick, u stay right next 2 me till I fall asleep
it have been 18 yrs now & I can't think of a time u've ever forced me 2 do sth I don't wanna do , u're always there 2 rescue me =p U R my Super Man ... U've never let anyone force me 2 do sth I don't wanna do .. sth U knew I wouldn't enjoy doing
U R my "person"
U R the One person I trust on my life ... I trust U, just as much as u trust me on ur inner most secrets ... Thank u 4 ur trust Daddy, I promise won't let u down
Thanks 2 U Daddy .. I am who I am .. a very confident successful girl
U Raised me up so well, u taught me to stand up for my principles & beliefs .. 'n I'll always do, just like u

Daddy, I love u unconditionally ..
I'm proud 2 Be ur Daughter, I'm proud 2 carry ur name =D
I'll always look up to U
U R My Man , My Super Hero, My Best Friend, My Secrets' Keeper, My Wonder man .. U R MY Dad =D


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غير معرف يقول...

The Bright side of the moon, some men will push you to the limits Cuz God sent them to show you how great your father is..
Clark Gable

princess adadi يقول...

ما تدرين شكثر استانست وانا اقرى
حدددددج عجيبة ماشالله
الله يخلي لج باباتج يارب
وانشالله ترفعين اسمه ويكون دووووم فخور فيج

Aurous يقول...

allah y5alee lch enshallh :)

Hope يقول...

Clark Gable


princess adadi
مشكوره اختي ، آمين الله يسمع منج
ما تقصرين والله

Thanx Hun