Tennis Time =D

it's Andy's B-Day 2 day ... this Also means that it's TENNIS TIME =D
The 2009 US Open is gonna start off 2morrow with a bunch of Great matches + Agassi is gonna attend the opening ceremony =D .. the next couple of weeks r gonna B hectic ... I really want them 2 B just like back in 2003 .. I adored the Open that year .. so much intensity o speculation .. Simply loved it
'n Who needs Sleep when U've Got the US Open =p ?
Through the past 6 years the last GS of the year became my Fav =D .. Yes, Wimbledon is Special but I think the US Open is my all time Fav ...
Can the American Boy bring back 2003's memories ? Can he Win his 2nd GS title ? I believe he can .. I really do
He can bring back the "Wow" performance ? well , He's in good shape and coming off a gutsy Wimbledon effort .. I sure am he wants another GS trophy more than anything else ..
Or, is Rafa gonna complete his GS set by winning the title in Flushing Meadows ?
Let's not 4get that the New Daddy "Roger Federer" might have other plans =p
I really wanna C either the American or the Spaniard lifting the trophy .. No place 4 the Swiss *Never liked him =p*
Gonna B routing 4 Andy, Rafa, The Williams Sisters, & Kim Clijsters
I think I don't wanna Drive anymore .. just the thought of it makes me feel blue .. I hate it .. I told everyone that it's not sth that I'm gonna ace .. I don't wanna learn .. I just don't want 2

One day I drive really good , the next day I hit the pavement =$

I suck ... I'm such a Bad driver ='(

'n Yeah I made some brownies ... So tasty =D
what's next ? cup cakes & cookies InShallah .. NamShey 3la 5o6a Tom Tom =p

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princess adadi يقول...


learing driving sucks >> ask me about it :S
but its worth it when u have ur liesen ;)

ur brownies sounds yummy


Hope يقول...

Hey little princess
Yeah it sucks bs don't B fooled .. believe me u'll only B thrilled the moment u get ur driving licence & this funny feeling will go away quickly =p

Yup My Brownies are delicious =D

Thanx 4 passing by Adadi