This Week =p

don't u just love goin' out with friends .. I'm not really into going out with friends .. bs now I really like it

On Sunday I went out with my friends .. it was amazing & we definitely had a blast .. went to a movie, had late lunch at chili's & then had a wonderful walk on the beach
The girls took off their shoes o had a walk .. they liked the feeling of the sand on their feet ''I definitely didn't" I'm not this type .. dunno maybe I'll walk on the beach with my bare feet next time .. mayB
I wanted 2 write sth abt 2-8-1990 but really wasn't able 2 express my feelings .. I was & I still am out of words all I can Say is
We'll never forget
& as far as 4 me .. I don't think I'll ever B able to 4give
it takes a big heart & a strong will 2 B able 2 4give such outrageous action
2 those Who supported the Fair Case of Kuwait & Sacrificed their lives
& 2 those who died fighting for the freedom of Kuwait
Thank U ... from the bottom of our hearts .. Thank U
I can not think of way 2 pay U ppl back

o Yesterday was FahoDii & WahaBii's B-Day .. they R big boys now

we surprised Fahad o he totally freaked out at the beginning .. Gosh u should've seen his face he came in & then walked out lol
bs it was great .. we all had fun & took a lot of pics
Happy B-Day FahoDii
Happy B-Day Wahab
May All ur WiShes Come True Guys =]
2day I was brave o I did one very crazy thing
well, I haven't been feeling well lately, 3la Golat Dad "kella men Gelta el.akel" madree LaiSh he pretty much blames food 4 everything bad that happens 2 me =S
I'm starting to freak out .. a5af feeney shay chayed , So ...
I actually decided 2 do a blood test "I know I'm gonna freak out o regret making such decesion the moment they're sucking my blood out & I'm gonna make a scene I know bs I have 2 do this"


Snap shots :
A walk 2 remember =p
I never ever finish up my meal .. Y ? Madree
He's Now 8 yrs old =]
همسه : اللهم اشفي مرضانا و مرضى المسلمين

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a7mad Nabeel يقول...

Thank U ... from the bottom of our hearts .. Thank U
I can not think of way 2 pay U ppl back
الله يرحم الشهداء الابرار و يحشرنا معاهم و يرزقنا مراتبهم بالجنة

سلامات ما تشوفين شر
و ان شالله خير
u r doing the right thing

"طبيب يداوي الناس و هو عليل " !
مقولة تصف الواقع

ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ يقول...

going out with friends is really a BLAST :D

Hope يقول...

a7mad Nabeel

اللهم آمين


الله يسلمك الشر ما اييك
لول اي والله صاج



Yes it is
I'm glad I went out with them , never thought that it would B so much Fun

غير معرف يقول...

Happy b-lated b-day ! =p
ma tshofeen shar inshallah .. i don't blame ur dad .. food is the problem of every thing !

Hope يقول...

Thanx that's really nice of u
el.Shar ma eYeech hun